The Sad Truth

Published: 6/8/2018

The Sad Truth

The sad truth is there are more than 123 suicides per day in our country. This week we’ve seen several high profile, and arguably successful, people end their lives prematurely. It’s sad. Very sad. The focus on mental health continues to grow, but not fast enough. There’s a great deal of attention on violence and addiction, but these are the byproducts of mental health issues. We are missing the cause as we seek the inevitable answer to “why?” The World Health Organization estimates that mental health issues impact the global economy by $1 billion each year. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention estimates that the cost to the U.S. due to suicide is nearly $70 billion. I know, you can’t put a dollar figure on life, but there certainly is one. We need to do more. We need to talk about it. We need to pay attention to our friends, family members, and employees/co-workers. Most of all, we need to let people know it’s okay to get help. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 800-273-8255, and you can also text CONNECT to 741741 to get help. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., but we always seem surprised when we hear of one or when one touches our lives. This. Is. Solvable.

I want to invite you all to celebrate local business leaders at the Chamber’s Business Awards Reception and Board Installation on June 20th. We will be announcing the awardees next week and will be welcoming in the new Board for the 2018-2019 fiscal year at an event that will feature great food from some of your favorite local restaurants in a festive atmosphere. Look for more information on this event next week and make plans to attend on the evening of the 20th.

Finally, at the end of election week, I want to recognize those individuals who made the tough decision to run for office. My hat’s off to anyone who has the courage to face the scrutiny of running for public office. It’s an amazing step you all took to serve your communities. Congratulations to all who dared to take that step. We need more like you.

Instead of saying “have a great weekend” today, I’m going to ask you to give strangers a smile, give a friend a pat on the back, and go give a family member a hug.



Scott Smith

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