A Cerritos Quiz

Published: 8/11/2017

A Cerritos Quiz

Let me throw some numbers at you and see if you know what they mean: 1,209; 3%; 2%; and $714,500. Any guesses? No, these have nothing to do with me, my IQ, time spent working, or bank account. These numbers were provided in the latest edition of the City of Cerritos Economic Profile. This report, published quarterly and presented to the City’s Economic Development Commission, provides a great deal of data about the local economy. From the City’s revenue collected to how many cars sold to the average home price, this report is a must read if you do business in the area. You can get a copy by clicking here and I highly recommend attending one of the quarterly Economic Development Commission meeting to learn more about what’s going on here in Cerritos. Back to those numbers…here you go:

  • There were 1,209 new and renewal business licenses processed by the City in the 2nd Quarter of 2017
  • The unemployment rate in Cerritos is 3%
  • Commercial vacancy in Cerritos is at a very low 2%, or about 478,255 square feet in vacant space
  • $714.500 was the single-family home price average for June 2017, much higher than the L.A. County average over the same time period

I want to thank Congresswoman Linda Sanchez for sharing her thoughts and giving an update about the Federal government at our luncheon today. I will say this about the Congresswoman, she’s candid and honest – two things you don’t always find in elected officials. She has always listened to the Chamber on business issues and looks for solutions. We may not always agree, but we share a mutual respect and that means a great deal in today’s political climate.

Enjoy your weekend and I hope to see you in a few weeks at the Let’s Do Lunch! event at Islands.




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