Are you kidding me?

Published: 7/27/2018

Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me? Really, are you kidding me? We just voted on five ballot measures last month, and Californians will have 11 on November’s ballot to consider. Oh, and we have some big decisions to make from deciding nearly $16 billion in bonds to taxes to whether we should move to permanent daylight savings time to rent control. Most of the attention has gone to a measure that’s not even on the ballot any longer – the measure to split California into three states. The other notable measure is the repeal of the “gas tax” that went into law earlier this year. I know November seems like a long time away, but it’ll be right around the corner. Take a look at the information below and do your homework as many of these measures hit you in the pocketbook. The Chamber, through the Gateway Chambers Alliance, will be coming out with positions on these measures soon. Here’s that list for you:
  • Proposition 1 – BONDS: Issues $4 billion in bonds for housing programs and veterans’ home loans
  • Proposition 2 – BONDS: Authorizes state to use revenue from millionaire’s tax for $2 billion in bonds for homelessness prevention housing
  • Proposition 3 – BONDS: Issues $8.877 billion in bonds for water-related infrastructure and environmental projects
  • Proposition 4 – BONDS: Issues $1.5 billion in bonds for children’s hospitals
  • Proposition 5 – TAXES: Revises process for homebuyers who are age 55 or older or severely disabled to transfer their tax assessments
  • Proposition 6 – TAXES: Repeals 2017’s fuel tax and vehicle fee increases and requires a public vote on future increases
  • Proposition 7 – TIME: Authorizes legislature to provide for permanent daylight saving time if the federal government allows it
  • Proposition 8 – HEALTHCARE: Requires dialysis clinics to issue refunds for revenue above a certain amount
  • Proposition 10 – HOUSING: Allows local governments to regulate rent
  • Proposition 11 – LABOR: Allow ambulance providers to require workers to remain on call during paid breaks
  • Proposition 12 – ANIMALS: Bans sale of meat from animals confined in spaces below specific sizes
So, many of you are asking what I thought of this year’s Comic-Con. It was amazing as
Yours truly with
Mr. Deadpool.
usual. The best part might be what many consider the worst part – the absence of some big studios (Marvel, HBO, among others). I thought the “Con” got back to its roots and the lines to panels seemed much shorter. We enjoyed the Iron Fist, Supernatural, and Doctor Who panels, in addition to many others. Outside the convention center was really happening with all types of “.offsite” events from Amazon’s Jack Ryan show (nice offsite, looks like a great show) to DC showcasing its new DC Universe streaming channel (yup, we pre-ordered it) to Hulu’s new show Castle Rock (from the mind of Stephen King – yikes!). It was a blast – I’m still exhausted, but it was worth it. Can’t wait until next year!
Have a great weekend!



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