It’s Great to Serve

Published: 7/13/2018

It’s Great to Serve

So, the post I was writing for today has been hijacked by a much better story. Instead, I’m going to share a story about what just happened here at the Chamber. Some of you may know that the Chamber serves as a “catch-all” for the community, meaning folks call us when they have nowhere left to call. We’ve had calls asking for help in getting keys out of a sewer and complaints about the lack of shopping carts at local stores. We also get calls asking where to get local services, and we proudly refer them to Chamber members. This happened just today. May answered a call from a resident who’s air conditioning went down, and she needed help in getting it repaired as quickly as possible. May, of course, provided the names and phone numbers of those Chamber members who could provide service and ended the call. A few moments later this resident called back unable to schedule an appointment as soon as she’d like. May sprung into action and reached out to some members to see if we could help. Sadly, we couldn’t get her any faster service – this heat wave has kept A/C repair folks very busy – but that’s not the point. The point is we are here to serve – serve both the residents of Cerritos and our members. If we do this right, then everyone involved wins. So, that’s my story…one of service and the satisfaction we get when we connect a potential customer in need of a Chamber member who can provide service. By the way, good job May!

There will be no This Week at the Chamber next week as I’ll be making my annual trek to San Diego for Comic-Con. We’ll be packing up the family-funster next Tuesday en-route to all things geeky. I’ll give you an update from time to time on Facebook and a full rundown when I get back the following week.

Have a great weekend, and I hope to see you on the 25th at The Grove at Cerritos for our evening mixer with the Santa Fe Springs Chamber.



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