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Published: 10/7/2016

We have an earthquake survival kit somewhere in our garage. I’m not sure where it is or what’s inside it, but I know we have one. Earlier this week California was under and earthquake warning and it occurred to me that we may need this kit. Of course, life got in the way and I completely forgot. However, if you asked me before this week if my family was prepared for a disaster I would likely tell you “probably”. Now I know that’s not the case.
Chamber board member Dr. Mark Chung is prepared. In fact, he is a preparedness evangelist. He and his wife Jane are both Red Cross volunteers and he has worked hard to help develop a ham radio program in conjunction with the City of Cerritos. Dr. Chung is worried. He’s not worried about when a disaster strikes, but how local businesses will fair when it happens.
Maybe you are prepared at home, but do you have a plan at your business? Do you know how to protect your customers and employees should an earthquake strike? Do you have a phone tree with everyone’s home and cell number in case of an emergency? Do you have a plan on how to keep your doors open in the aftermath? If not, there are plenty of online resources – the American Red Cross has a great deal of info on their website – to help you plan for the unexpected. I’m going to take a few minutes each day to chip away at my plan, and I hope you do the same.
October is here and it will be a busy month at the Chamber. Just take a look at the calendar below and you’ll see we are busy. You would think that holding two great networking events and an e-waste recycling drive would be plenty, but we are also busy planning for the holiday season. No, that doesn’t mean we have a Christmas tree up, but we are busy planning the 14th Annual Turkey Bowl & Networking Mixer along with our holiday events. Keep an eye out for more information headed your way about all of the great fun we’ll be having this year.




Scott Smith 
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I busted a mirror and got seven years bad luck, but my lawyer thinks he can get me five.  Steven Wright

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