Great Ideas

Published: 8/18/2017

Great Ideas

Let’s say you own a business and let’s assume you have employees. To protect those employees, you put together a program to prevent injury and promote safety. Sounds good, right? Okay, so what if a lawyer, from out of nowhere and not affiliated with any of your employees, decides he wants to see all of your internal documentation around this program with no limit on the number of documents they can request and with unlimited scope. Sounds a bit too far reaching, doesn’t it? Well, this law can be coming your way if AB 978 – currently on the California State Senate floor – is passed and signed. I’m sure you’ll agree this isn’t a great bill.

But wait there’s more! Let’s say your business is a dialysis clinic, where you have a great staff committed to your patients, and you have never received any complaints about your service or treatment. Now, the State of California wants you to lose money by telling you how many employees you need to run your business appropriately. Keep in mind that this could close down these centers for a period of time, making it more difficult for patients to receive treatment. This bill would also result in the strictest law of its type in the country. Another bill that will hurt a valuable business serving the community.

It’s quite simple, if you continue to stack the deck against businesses – especially small to medium sized businesses – you will see them close or move. Not sure? Ask the owner of a small restaurant about how many hours he or she is working now that the minimum wage has gone up (and will continue to do so). Or, ask the retailer how much workers’ compensation insurance premiums have gone up. There’s such a focus on sustainability right now unless you are talking about business. Look, we all know be regulations are needed to guide safe and fair business transactions and to protect workers, but the Legislature is going too far. This madness needs to stop.

Okay, one more thing…about that strawberry field and Norm Reeves Honda. It seems to make sense to me that Cerritos College can generate revenue while helping fill a need for Norm Reeves Honda. Don’t let the sales tax revenue that Norm Reeves Honda generates get lost in this discussion. They need cars to sell. Those cars need to be parked some place until they’re sold. Finally, these vehicles will be sold generating valuable sales tax revenue the City needs to bring all of the great programs to the residents. Let’s find a workable solution to this issue so the College can generate funds to help students and Norm Reeves Honda has cars to sell.

Okay, I am off my soapbox…for now.  Have a great weekend, and I hope to see you next Tuesday at Islands for Let’s Do Lunch!




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