I Had the BLEEP Scared Out of Me

Published: 10/28/2016

I Had the BLEEP Scared Out of Me

I had the BLEEP scared out of me this week. Maybe you’ve heard the Chamber team talk about how our office is haunted. When I started here at the Chamber four years ago, I heard about “Ralph” the ghost who lives in our office. Since that time, I’ve witnessed some strange things from doors closing and locking themselves to shadowy figures to having things pulled out of my hand. The team has also experienced several strange things from hearing signing with no one around and seeing a dog run through the middle of the office.

This week, Tammye McDuff, a reporter for the Los Cerritos Community News, stopped by the office to get some background about “Ralph” for a story she’s writing about local haunted places. She and her husband Scott have done a bit of ghost hunting and we did our own investigation here in the office. I have to say that we experienced several strange things – I can tell you that our ghost is not a Ralph but a Ralph-ina and she made sure we knew she was here. By the end of their visit, I was shaken by what happened. Do I believe in ghosts? Let me just say I don’t not believe (I apologize to my English teachers for the double negative). With Halloween right around the corner, it was an interesting experience and a great deal of fun. I can’t wait to see Tammye’s story.

Although it might be raining when you read this, I can assure you that the sun will be shining on Saturday for the Chamber’s E-Waste Drive event. Bring those old electronics to Liberty Park II on Studebaker, just south of South Street, to dispose of them in an environmentally safe manner. We’ll be there from 9 AM to 3 PM – just drive in and our partners will collect your “stuff.”

Have a spooky weekend!




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