Just Vote

Published: 4/7/2017

Just Vote

Let’s talk about elections and voting, not politics. For nearly 230 years Americans have been casting votes. Next week, Cerritos voters will vote for two new City Councilmembers. I can’t stress to you the importance of this election. As you know, the Chamber cannot support or endorse candidates, so let’s get that out there right away. This message is for those Cerritos residents. I ask that you vote. No, this isn’t simple or easy. It takes time to consider a candidate, and you have two to consider this time around. However, these are the folks who will represent you and guide this City moving forward. Like every city in California, Cerritos will face many challenges over the coming years and you need to vote for the candidates who will make the hard choices – on where to spend the City’s funds, how to repair infrastructure, along with a myriad of other issues. Whoever you support in this election – just get out and vote – please. (Here’s a good place to get more info on candidates with no bias – http://elixiraddons.com/cerritos/ and here’s a map of polling places: http://www.cerritos.us/main/election/2017/polling_place_map_english.php)

Getting off of that soapbox now. This week, we were proud to join the City of Cerritos in putting together a business conference focused on disaster preparedness. When you think of a disaster, you usually think of tornados, floods, wildfires, and earthquakes, right? For a business, it can be something like a water heater flooding their store, or a fire that takes out a restaurant kitchen. Whatever the disaster, your business should be prepared. Our presenters at the conference provided a great deal of information and it’s now up on the Chamber website – get them by clicking here. Thanks again to our speakers and sponsors, along with the City of Cerritos, for making this event a success.




Scott Smith 

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