You’re (Not) Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Published: 3/2/2018
“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” This is an iconic line from an iconic movie – Jaws. Chief Brody, played by Roy Schnieder, has just seen the large great white shark they are searching for first hand and he’s shocked by its size. In the end, Quint (spoiler – he doesn’t make it), Hooper, and Brody lose the boat while killing the shark (“Smile you son-of-b*tch!”). You might be asking if I have a point, and you know I do. The point is courage and working with what you have. These three characters were thrown into a situation where they barely knew (or cared for) each other, in a small run-down boat, using old ways of “sharking” to find the beast that was terrorizing Amity. Plans were made, and fell apart (like the boat), but improvisation saved the day. And, well, that’s the point – we are constantly making and shifting plans in business (and life). Think back to where your business was last year at this time, how many times did you have to course correct or find a different way to track down the “shark”? We all know you need a map to guide you to your goals, but often we have to improvise to find another way to the goal. We need a new route, not a bigger boat.
This was a fun week…the kind of week that just makes you smile. The Mix at Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar was simply outstanding. GM Diane and Manager Michelle were amazing hosts and made sure our group was well fed and happy. We had many prospective members join us to learn more about the Chamber, and I expect our Chamber family to grow quite a bit in the coming weeks.
Have a great weekend…looking forward to clocks changing next weekend!


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