Published: 2/23/2017


This week I gave a “Scott Talk” (think TED Talk, just with more self-deprecating jokes) to students at Westcliff University business school students. For me, the talking part is easy; it’s the putting the presentation together that’s the killer. It’s a process that I’ve learned to both love and hate. This time around the slides came to me like Ralphie’s words about the BB gun he wanted for Christmas. I shared information about what chambers of commerce are and how we are linked throughout the world with other chambers (some 12,000 chambers exist worldwide). I also covered the importance of developing a strong self-brand and how to do that. It all let to the importance of networking, where you can show off your brand and build relationships that will likely last longer than any businesses you develop with others. I was told I did a good job…after talking more than an hour (I was so sick of my voice…I can’t even tell you)…but I know I could do better. I hope that there were some nuggets that these students can take with them. Aren’t we all here to give?
If you heard a big stampede last night around 11:25, that was just developers running from the City after the City Council voted down a new housing development from Chamber member MLC Holdings. This project hit hurdle after hurdle before being voted down by Council 4-1 late last night. Word has already spread to developers looking at building either commercial and residential projects in the City. Needless to say, this isn’t good. I respect the Council’s decision; it’s not easy to sit up there and make tough decisions when you have residents out in force. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the City will continue to progress and prosper as the future is upon us and the world is changing at an exponential pace…we don’t want to left behind.
Next week we’ll be getting together at everyone’s favorite watering hole – Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar in the Los Cerritos Center. General Manager Diane is always a gracious host, and it is sure to be a night full of connecting and laughter. I hope you can join us!
Have a nice “winter-like” weekend.


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