Different Year Same Challenges

Published: 1/12/2017

Different Year Same Challenges

I hope you all had a great holiday season and are looking forward to an outstanding 2018. We roll into 2018 with some positive momentum for business. Consumer confidence is up, the markets are red hot, and corporations are committed to spending what they will save under the new tax plan. Locally, we have new businesses opening up on a regular basis, from new supermarkets like Sprouts to eateries like PF Chang’s, and more will be opening in the coming weeks. If there is any bad news, it has to be the ever-changing business environment in California where we are paying the highest taxes at the pump in the country and some of the toughest employment laws as well. No doubt 2018 will have its share of challenges, but remember that the Chamber is here to help and is fighting for our members constantly.

A new year means new laws, especially here in California. There were hundreds of new laws passed by the Legislature last year, with many covering how businesses deal with employees. These laws cover issues impacting hiring to payment. If you are a business owner or manager, your head might be spinning with all of the information coming your way. Don’t worry; the Chamber’s here to help! In just a few weeks we’ll be having superstar employment attorney and former Chamber President Ann K. Smith, Esq., provide an overview of the new labor laws. Be in the know, sign up now for this event. Let me tell you, making a mistake on how you work with employees can be very costly.

Finally, I want to talk a bit about all of the anger in our nation and community right now. I always appreciate a person’s passion for an issue and respect from where that passion is coming. I may not always agree with a person, but I respect their opinion and, ultimately, my position could prove to be the wrong one after everything is said and done. My point, and something I posted on social media earlier this week: just because you don’t agree with someone, it doesn’t make them wrong. Maybe we can change arguments to discussions to promote understanding instead of division. Then again, I may be living in the “upsidedown” (Stranger Things reference).



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