Taxing for Commerce

Published: 10/20/2017

Taxing for Commerce

You cannot have commerce without transportation. Duh, right? If you can’t get goods and services to consumers, you have…well…nothing. This past legislative session in Sacramento saw SB1 pass. This law, called the Road Repair and Accountability Act (Catchy, huh? Let’s put it on a tee shirt!) will generate billions in tax dollars to help fix the state’s transportation infrastructure. If you’ve been on our freeways lately, you know they need improvement. Last winter, I hit a pothole on the 5 freeway and it destroyed my tire. Seriously. Pundits will tell you this is needed…and these pundits include many of my colleagues in the chamber of commerce world. This Chamber did not take a position, mostly due to the taxes and fee increases headed our way.

Over $52 billion is expected to be raised over the next decade or so through an increase at the pump for both gas and diesel, along with a new fee imposed when you register your vehicle. Drive an electric car? Sorry, you’re hit too with an annual $100 fee. The gas tax has been a divisive issue, with at least two movements I’m aware of trying to qualify a state measure to repeal the gas tax. And why shouldn’t they? The California Gas Tax Burden (sounds like a great name for a punk band) is 76.7 cents per gallon – PER GALLON! Now, I know we need better roads, but at what cost? Then again, the lack of road repairs hit me personally at the cost of a new tire.

November is nearly here when the leaves turn and heat waves are a bit less frequent. November also brings a morning mixer and, everyone’s favorite event, the Turkey Bowl. The next Let’s Do Breakfast & Learn will cover Active Shooter situations. Now, this is a terrible topic, but one we all know is too real. We were working with Sheriff’s Captain Nunez before the horrific events in Las Vegas, which brings this topic to the forefront of everyone’s mind now. I hope you can join us on November 1 (see below). As for Turkey Bowl, I’ll hit you with more about that in the coming weeks.

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