Published: 9/29/2016

Last week I wrote about how it takes a village to do all we do here at the Chamber. This week, I’m proud to tell you we hosted the population of a village at the 2016 Taste of the Region & Business Expo. Every large event has its ups and downs, its problems, but the Chamber team works hard to minimize those issues or, if they do occur, to make sure no one notices. This is because of the hard work of the Chamber team – mainly Jill and May. 

Some of you know who these two individuals are…some may not. But they are the ones who are often behind the scenes making sure all the widgets are being made and gears are turning properly at events and every day at the Chamber. They are both Chamber veterans and helped train yours truly when I started just about four years ago. To say they work hard is an understatement – they are put in the hours. What I love is the passion they share for the Chamber. No, they – we – may not always agree on the how, but we all agree on the why and what – why the Chamber is important and what the Chamber means to our members. Jill and May, my hat’s off to you – great job again this week at what I think was the best Taste of the Region & Business Expo yet!

October is upon us (somebody tell Mother Nature!) and soon the holidays will be here. We will have some great events planned for October, including a Let’s Do Lunch on the 18th and a Mixin’ in the Mornin’ on the 27th. Of course, we will also be working on the Turkey Bowl – a Chamber favorite! I sure hope to see you at one of these events.

I hope you have a great weekend. If you were attended this week’s Taste of the Region & Business Expo – thank you!




Scott Smith 
Executive Director 

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