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The power of connection

Published: 3/1/2019

The power of connection

From the CEO There’s power in the Chamber. Yeah, I know I have to say that, but I believe in it 100%. One of my favorite activities is to connect members who I think will hit it off and either do business together or refer to one another. Recently, I connected two members after learning they had a shared customer base. This connection has led to a huge opportunity for both of them. I also hear stories about members using other members…without even being prompted or even saying anything to the business. Yeah, we are referring folks to local businesses and don’t even know it! That – right there – is the power of connection. It’s the power of the Chamber.   Oh, and one of the members I referred to above has turned into a strong supporter of the Chamber. This isn’t just due to the example from above, but from what he’s seen us do with our members. As I told him, his investment helps all of our members. I think the phrase I used was – a rising tide raises all boats. He chuckled at this, but I feel strongly about it. We maximize each dollar invested in the Chamber. We do more with less. Through our support, we help strengthen the local economy, which benefits the entire community. Sorry, but I’m proud of the work we do here…and I thank each and every one of you for your investment and engagement in the Chamber. Your involvement helps this community remain a great place to live, work, and do business.   Spring is always busy here at the Chamber, and this year will be no exception. We are partnering with our friends at other local chambers of commerce for a few events, at the same time we’re preparing for our 39th Annual Golf Classic and our annual business conference. More info to come on both of these great events, and all of the events we have scheduled for March!


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