Tough Love is Still Love

Published: 6/30/2017

Tough Love is Still Love  

You never know what you’ll get when you ask for feedback. This week I was happy to break bread with a small group of Chamber members to find out how we are doing in meeting their needs and what we can do better to help their success. The group was not shy at all and we had a very productive conversation about how the Chamber is impacting their business and what potential changes they’d like to see. Every member of the group felt that they get value from their Chamber membership and all had different ideas of what that value was – from being more involved in the community to gaining to customers. It’s not easy to ask for feedback, but it’s always a good thing and I know it will only help us deliver a great product to all of you – our members. All-in-all, it was a meeting with lots of love shared and a bit of tough love – which, in my book, means it was a great meeting with honest dialogue.

This weekend begins what is a four-day weekend for many (the Chamber included as we’ll be closed Monday and Tuesday) as we celebrate our nation’s independence from Britain. I love the History Channel this time of year with its programming about our nation’s birth. I’m always amazed that our founding fathers, many with very different opinions of how to run our country, came together to sign the Declaration of Independence. Let’s be clear, many of these men despised each other and were happy to create “fake” news about their rivals. Still, they came together to form this most perfect union – which has stood many tests and still remains. This weekend, we are not members of a party or class, we are Americans – something unique only to us. We take this time to celebrate a common theme, our nation.

I hope you enjoy your weekend – celebrate safely, but proudly!




Scott Smith 

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