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What Californians are saying

Published: 2/8/2019

What Californians are saying

From the CEO Californians are a unique bunch. We all live in what many would consider the best place in the world – great weather, phenomenal business opportunities, attractions galore! Of course, we would all agree that the “rent is too damn high!” as well. It’s not exactly the most affordable place in the country, which I don’t think we would expect. So, what do Californians think about the Golden State? A recent survey by the Public Policy Institute of California is pretty telling. Even when faced with the prospect of increased taxes or fees, Californians support Governor Newsom’s first budget, by a pretty wide margin. We, as a state, also think that Proposition 13, which limits property tax increases, is a good thing for the state. When it comes to rolling back those limits on commercial properties, which would be a BAD thing, it’s split pretty even. Slightly more than half think things here in the state are going the right direction. What’s the issue that concerns most Californians? Care to guess…? Immigration is the winner, with most saying it’s a “serious problem.” You can read about this survey here.   As you may know, May and I – your Chamber team – were out at a conference this week. Each year, the Western Association of Chamber Executives, or WACE, holds a three-day conference full of great speakers and breakout classes where chamber professionals can learn new techniques and share best practices. This year’s event was amazing. May and I are excited to bring what we learned back to ensure that your Chamber continues to provide great value to our members and the community.
Next week will be busy! I hope to see you at Rosewood’s Family Restaurant early on Tuesday morning for Let’s Do Breakfast. Our Ambassadors will also be meeting next week, and we’ll end the week with the Chamber’s board of directors getting together for our mid-year retreat. We have all kinds of exciting events coming your way – stay tuned!


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