What’s Your Biz?

Published: 8/10/2018

What’s Your Biz?
What line of business are you in? You’re probably saying “duh, Scott” right now, but I want you to consider this a bit more carefully. Take a look at those financials to see where your revenue is generated. Does it come from what you think it does? Maybe it comes from selling Product/Service B when you thought you were really about selling Product/Service A. For many businesses; this is the case. In fact, it’s that way at most chambers of commerce. Most chamber leaders would tell you they are in the business of helping businesses and communities thrive, which is true. However, when you look at the good ol’ Profit & Loss statement, it might show that the most revenue comes from events. So, I’d say this puts them in the event business, that may (or may not) help move the organization’s mission. Here at the Chamber, our goal is economic development – making sure this community is a great place to own a business, work, and live. It’s that simple. At the end of the day, we are in the business of Cerritos. What’s your line of business? Do you know?
I love it when I hear members have partnered with other members to do amazing work. This week, I watched a video shot and produced by a member, IG1 Communications, about another member, Los Cerritos Center. This video – click here – is amazing and covers a recent interactive art project. I won’t spoil it for you…just watch it!
Finally, I have some great news for you – crime is going down. However, business still has to be vigilant. Deputy Welby Cham has been making the rounds around the City talking with businesses, giving them tips on how to keep their business safe. A few tips – at the end of the night, empty cash registers and leave the drawers open; keep cash offsite or in a secured safe, a freestanding safe weighing under 300 pounds is a target; finally, make sure you are screening employees properly to prevent “inside jobs.” You can reach Deputy Cham at WLCham@lasd.org, and you can get the latest info about crime here in Cerritos at www.safercerritos.com.
Have a nice weekend…remember, we are only seven or so weeks away from this year’s Taste of the Region & Business Expo.



Scott Smith

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