Who’s on First?

Published: 8/24/2018


Who’s on First?

It’s just not funny, not one bit. I could be saying this about a great many things, but I’m talking about the minimum wage. Right now you’re saying “again with the minimum wage, Scott?” Well, this time it’s a bit different. Since the beginning of July, I’ve fielded at least 50 calls from businesses wondering what about what wage they should be paying. It’s almost like that old Abbot and Costello bit about “Who’s on First.” As for the “who,” there are nearly 20 different levels of the minimum wage in this state, with many cities and counties carving out more than the state minimum. Where’s the “what?” Well, there are two sets of minimum wages for businesses depending on employee count – one for 25 or less and one for 26 or more. Maybe if we had the state and larger cities to deal with, we’d be okay, but L.A. County had to ensure they were not left out in the fun, so they have a minimum wage for unincorporated areas of the county (by the way, they exempted public entities from this ordinance…maybe because most are in the City of L.A. which has its own minimum wage). So, what’s the minimum wage in Cerritos? Well, we follow the State of California’s minimum wage law. Who knows what next year will bring with the minimum wage, but it’s bound to be exciting. Who? FIRST BASE!

We are in full Taste of the Region & Business Expo mode around here. We have sponsors, restaurants, and exhibitors coming in fast and furious, but we have room for more. Don’t miss out on this great way to connect with the community. Give us a call or visit www.cerritostaste.com to learn more about this fantastic community event. Oh, by the way, come hungry because we have some GREAT local restaurants coming out this year.

Have a great weekend, and I hope to see you soon.



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