Back to the (Chamber’s) Future 

Published: 8/17/2018

Back to the (Chamber’s) Future 

I love the movie Back to the Future. It’s a great story wrapped up with a fun look at the present (uh, 1985 present) with the past. Although we don’t have the flux capacitor to travel through time, we can look back a bit through history using books and the internet (remember when we called it the world wide web?). History, especially American history, wouldn’t’ be complete without chambers of commerce. From taking a stand against taxation in the American Revolution, to working on large public works projects to benefit local economies – maybe you’ve heard of the Golden Gate Bridge – chambers have their fingerprints on this nation’s rise to prominence. In the” Magicians of Main Street – America and its Chambers of Commerce, 1768-1945,” author Chris Mead writes “For the author, looking back, it’s hard to separate these chambers from the growth of the country.” Without a doubt, chambers led the way to creating both strong local and national economies. Although times have a changed, chambers are still working to make sure local economies are strong, making communities strong. I know what you’re thinking right now – in the words of Doc Brown – “Great Scott!” I didn’t know any of this. I may not be great, but I’m here to help.

We have a slew of events coming up, be sure to check out the info below to make sure you’re up on what’s going on here at the Chamber. As always, we’re here to help – have an idea for a business or community project? Drop by, and we can help talk you through it or direct you to resources to make it happen. We might not be able to build the Golden Gate Bridge, but maybe we can help build something just as important to this community.


See you soon.



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