2019 Predictions

Published: 1/4/201

2019 Predictions

From the CEO It’s hard to believe its 2019. The one commodity you can’t buy is time…and it keeps ticking away. So use it, don’t let it slip through your fingers. Make those moments count, because the only thing we ever really own is our memories. Let’s make some great ones in 2019. I have a few predictions for the coming year. I’m no Nostradamus, much closer to Johnny Carson’s Carnack, so don’t hold me to these. Here we go:
  • The stock market will stabilize by February, and we’ll see slow and steady growth within the economy albeit smaller than we’ve seen in recent years
  • The trade wars will end by spring, but not before hurting many U.S. manufacturers
  • It will be a wetter than usual year
  • Car sales will slow, but with the price of cars going up, sales tax generation will remain steady for Cerritos
  • The Los Cerritos Center will have another record year
  • Far too many candidates will run for Cerritos City Council. Some will run to help the City. Some will run to help themselves. I predict it will be a packed field by the end of 2019 rolling into the 2020 election.
  • California taxpayers will continue to be hit hard, funding programs that have very low benefit to the State…I’m looking at you Bullet Train!
  • The Chamber and the Gateway Chambers Alliance will call on all local businesses to fight anti-business legislation coming from Sacramento. We will lose some, but I think we’ll win some too
  • The Dodgers will beat the Red Sox in six games to win the World Series
  • The Chargers, not the Rams, will make it to the Superbowl to challenge the Saints
  • We will continue to become more of a polarized society, separating into “us” and “them” whatever that means. Sadly.
  • Avengers End Game will be awesome
  • The Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts will have its best year yet
  • The Chamber will do all we do, on a tight budget, with a small staff because we are here to serve this great community
My hope, my prayer actually, for this year is that we will see less pain, fewer tragedies, more togetherness, and much more laughter. As this amazing world circles a star in the reaches of the Milky Way for another year, I hope we all see our world as the miracle it is. No matter your belief, background, or culture, we all share the same world. Let’ see if we can all just learn to share a bit better. Happy New Year!


scott Scott Smith President/CEO  Weekly Quote:
A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. Jeff Bezos

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