Super $

Published: 2/3/2017

Super $

This weekend well over 100 million people will be in front of their televisions watching the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons. Here are a few business related “Did you know?” facts:

  • Cost for a 30-second ad is $5 million
  • Cost for a 30-second ad in 1966 was $37,500
  • Halftime performers see a 271% sales lift after they perform
  • People spent nearly $3 billion on snacks last year
  • Only 43% of people actually say the football is the best part of the Super Bowl
  • Americans will eat 120 million pounds of avocados and drink 325 million gallons of beer
  • The only time Americans eat more food is on Thanksgiving
  • The Super Bowl generates well over $600 million in revenue

I’m not sure who you are cheering for, but I think the biggest winners will be the NFL and Fox. Then again, those avocado farmers seem to be making out pretty good too. No predictions from me this year. I sure wouldn’t ever count Coach Belichick or Tom Brady out. You could say there’s been some great coach-quarterback pairings in the past, but we all may be witnessing football history. One thing’s certain, both teams worked hard to achieve the goal of getting to the big game. It came with dedication and sacrifice.

One quick “shout out” to Captain Nunez and his team of deputies who have arrested several burglary suspects over the past week. The Chamber thanks you for your diligent efforts to keep this community safe. 



Scott Smith 
Executive Director 

Quote of the Week: 

Football is football and talent is talent. But the mindset of your team makes all the difference.  Robert Griffin III

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